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Our new favourite product has to be this. It is the perfect mix of nourishment and subtle hold. Shop now!

The Beard Science Box Is Here!


Why do we do this?

We do this to help the bearded battle against the dreaded itch when starting out all the way to helping to maintain a healthy, clean beard.

Having a beard myself I learnt that not everyone is as accepting of them so the plan was to help facial hair look and feel better.

Keep your facial hair its best!

A Few Popular Products


Fantastic Mini Brush - Love the new mini Beard brush from Beard Lab, a great little addition to any Beard lovers grooming arsenal. Look forward to trying the other new products. Great item and excellent service.

Craig L

New Beard wash - Simple to use, leaving the beard feeling really soft and knot free. Winning! PS... You don't need to use much. Love it!

David S

So good - Been using this soap for about a week and a half now and it's really made a difference to the softness of my beard. My ginger beard is normally wirey and coarse but the Beard Lab soap has softened it up nicely. The bonus to it aswell is that it smells amazing - I look forward to getting out of bed every morning now so I can splash this minty fresh soap on my face!!

Jamie McGuinness

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