How to pair Sunglasses with your Beard!

How to pair sunglasses with your beard!

The folks from have made a great guide for any fashion forward folks growing a beard (or mustache) and who also want to pair it with sunglasses.
Making the decision to grow out a beard is not something you make one day and close the books. It's a dedicated process and commitment to grow, trim, and maintain the beard for as long as you keep it. It's not only a decision about facial hair, but impacts everything else including your choice of clothing, hairstyle, and of course the sunglasses we wear.
If you're a gentleman maintaining a full on beard, you don't want to distract from the beard you've worked so hard to grow out. Choosing something with thin frames, such as aviators will keep you stylish while still fully featuring your beard.
If a short beard or stubble is your style, a pair of sunglasses with a more angular frame can add definition.
Check out the guide at or the image below to see the rest of the guide!

A great article/infographic thanks to the guys at Sunglass Warehouse.

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