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Beard History


A short history of beards


A few interesting and fun facts


The ‘Beard', or facial hair as we put it, has been around since the dawn of men. But not everyone can sport a beard and certainly not everyone keeps it clean. Over the years, the beard has come in all shapes and sizes and for some, it is just hard to resist the facial fuzz. So where do beards come from? The chemical DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE is responsible for that beard of yours.

Here are some interesting facts you might want to know:

  • The beard has been the statement of manliness since primitive times

  • A beard can keep your face moisturized

  • Beard can increase your life expectancy

  • 55% of males globally have facial hair

  • You will spend 3,350 hours of your life shaving

  • Your beard will grow around 5.5 inches per year


Ancient Greece


At the peak of the Greek Civilization in 345 B.C., ruled by Alexander the great, it was commanded that soldiers could not keep beards because enemies would pull them in battles.


Ancient India


The ancient Indians kept long and bushy beards which were a sign of wisdom, dignity and respect. This is why you would see a lot of pundits and religious people displaying one.


Roman Empire


The Romans didn’t have a knack for shaving but gradually they came quite fond of shaving. The trend started to change when the roman emperors grew a beard to hide facial wounds, which were then followed by other Romans.


Middle ages


The noblemen and knights of the middle-age kept a beard as a symbol of their honor and manliness. On the other hand, the catholic clergy was mostly clean-shaven because of their abstinence from sexual relations.




At the time of Henry VIII, wearing a beard was no less than an offense which was taxable.

This was considered so phony because he died wearing one.


Post-Civil War beards


The events after the civil war brought in a trend of beards among presidents. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to keep one and it went on till William Howard Taft.


The 20th century was undecided


At the dawn of the 20th century, beards became less and less popular. World war soldiers were required to keep a clean shave to seal the gas mask properly along the face.

So there you have it folks. You want to go for that chiseled look or are you ready to separate the boys from the men?

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