It was our Third Birthday!

The Second of September was World Beard Day and also the third birthday of Beard Lab!


I want to say a huge thanks to everyone that has bought from us, helped us, shared things for us and visited us. You are all awesome!

I never thought we'd make it to the third year and we have just surpassed it. It has been a struggle at time and of course there have been times I have thought about giving up but I struggled on through and I am once again happy with the products we are putting out.


We aren't here just to make money like a ton of the other companies out there but we are also here to help educate on what a beard or even your skin needs. This is why we have slowly started branching out with a few Unisex items such as our Moisturiser (Which is amazing btw).

Any money we do make is either thrown straight into developing cool new product for you all or marketing to get the Beard Lab name further out there. Beard Lab is at the majority of times a team of... One. I do get help occasionally from my partner and little ones but it is mainly me and another reason Beard Lab is still here is to prove I can learn how to develop a business and create viable products and somewhat succeed. Which I have and I am grateful for all you for allowing me to learn and grow this business.


Anyway before I start getting stuck on another tangent I just want to say thanks for your support and to celebrate we have a giveaway competition and a 25% discount running. These are spread throughout our Instagram and Facebook page.

The discount code is 'BeardLabBirthday' so go treat yourself!





Beard Lab

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