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5 Beard Myths

Just like many popular things in our society, your beard can be prone to a huge variety of misconceptions. These myths about beards can often discourage a man from allowing his facial hair to reach its full potential. Don't fall for the hype that your beard will make you look like a mountain man or some out of work hippy, the time is finally here to reveal the truth behind the top 5 beard myths so we can put an end to all this speculation for good.



1. The Beard Will Become Itchy


This beard myth actually is part true, but the majority of guys simply believe the longer their facial hair grows that the itchier it is going to get. This is probably one of the biggest beard myths around. While it is true that the skin will become itchy during the first three weeks, once you get over the hump, those itch days are behind you. Most guys can not make it to week four and wind up shaving. Had they made it a few more days the itching would naturally stop.


2. Only a Barber Can Properly Trim Your Beard

While your barber has more experience at trimming facial hair, there is no good reason why you can not become the master of your own facial hair right in your bathroom. While this might be a new routine for you in the bathroom, with some patience and practice you can master the art of trimming your own beard perfectly. All you need is a good quality beard trimmer, a comb, and a pair of new scissors to maintain your beard.


3. Shaving Will Speed Up the Growth Process

This myth about shaving and speeding up hair growth has been around for as long as shaving. The simple truth is that it can take a significant amount of time for a beard to grow, in fact, it will only average a little over five inches each year. At a half-inch a month, it can seem like an eternity to grow a beard, so patience is the key here. Simply trimming the beard will only prolong the time it takes for the beard to reach its full potential.


4. The Beard Grows at the Same Rate

The truth when it comes to the growth of your facial hair is different areas of the face grow at different speeds. The area around the cheeks will tend to grow much slower than those along the chin line. The reason this myth continues to thrive is because most men trim the longer areas to keep a more uniform look as the beard fills in. This makes it appear all the hair is growing at the same speed when in fact certain areas just spring to life faster.


5. Beards make You Sweat in Summer

The reason many guys wait until the end of summer to grow a beard is because they believe this myth that the beard will make you hotter. The truth about this myth is that the beard can actually make you cooler in the summer because the hair will shade your skin and helps to evaporate your sweat more easily.


Hopefully, these 5 beard myths have been dispelled and you can focus now on the task at hand of letting your facial hair grow and thrive.




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