Beard On Competition 2016 - At South Normanton

Essentially I am just going to ramble on here.

Last month we had a stall at a Beard competition and it was awesome. This post is to keep you up to date on what happened when we were there.

If you aren't familiar with this kind of event essentially what happens is the contestants enter different categories of beard style dependant upon the kind of beard they wear, each category is called and the contestants enter the stage one at a time and then they are judged upon various parameters such as style, hold, softness, length etc .

Some contestants enter the stage with costumes which suit their style and some even come in character. This makes for good entertainment as you can tell they really want to get involved and do their best. Some like the costumed style and others prefer the natural personal style of each contestant. Personally I don't mind either.

So at Beard On (which was held in Derbyshire by The Central Beardsmen), we had our little stall and we were set up next to the lovely folks at Mariner Jack. The venue was great and there were a fair few folks in.

Check out your local beard group. Or join TBBC (The British Beard Club) online for more info which may lead you to your local group of beards.

The category we sponsored and gave prizes for was Business class beards. It just so happens that one of our ambassadors had also entered that category and he came third too!

Whilst we were there we really saw that the best thing about people with our common interest  was not necessarily their respective beards but how nice and genuine they were, everyone really got on well and there were smiles everywhere. It really made the bearded people and partners seem like a great community of people to belong to.

We made a few good sales which is great as we loved people coming over and smelling and trying our products. The fave of the day was Maple Syrup & Pancakes and the Earl Grey Soap. The looks on the faces of people sampling were amazing and it really spurred me on.

Basically what I am saying is... go to a Beard Competition! Make friends, smile, try something new and enjoy yourself.

Hopefully we shall have our 2nd competition at the end of the year so if you are local I shall see you there.

Thanks for reading the ramblings I have today.


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