Beard Science Crowdfunding

Hey guys. As some of you may know. I (Luke) am crowdfunding on IndieGoGo to raise funds for Podcasting equipment so that I can do a weekly Podcast about Beards and Facial Hair Care.


I am looking at doing interviews, guest posts, what goes into beard care products, why you should use certain products, routine care and more.


I would absolutely love your help with this. Whether its through donation or sharing. There are plenty of awesome perks on there and we can even do more.


I have added one per where for a whole 40-45 mins I will be recording a show whilst laying on a bed of nails... Now that might be the most unique perk ever!


I want as many of you on board as possible as I may come calling on you to give your ideas, routines or even guest posts etc.

Check out the campaign here...


We will also be looking at doing ads for other beard companies as well as for Beard Lab.

We want to expand the bearded community and bring them all together for one awesome thing we can all listen to.


Thanks for reading chaps!






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