The New Beard Science Podcast - Episode 1 Introduction

Beard Science


Did you know that we are making a Podcast?

This Podcast isn't just for self promotion, it is for education and showing off the bearded world. As you may know the bearded people of the world have almost knitted themselves together a nice little community. Or bunches of them. For example you have the competitive beards, the charity beards (bearded villains etc) and the bearded chaps who just like to show off what they can grow online.


Bearded Community

We want to show off these communities and at the same time educate bearded folks on how to better take care of their facial hair. To do this we will have interviews with bearded people, give beard tips and a bit of a bearded news round up.

We have episode one all sorted. Beard Lab are the official sponsors and we are willing to have other companies advertise too on the show. Check out the intro show below.

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We shall release a show every two weeks or so.

Let us know what you think!


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