Bearded Men's Spring Style Guide

If you’re one of those guys who simply adore their facial hair – welcome to the club! Keeping your beard flawless and well-groomed is definitely not the easiest task to do. However, investing a bit more effort into styling it will always pay off. Since spring is almost here, you’re probably interested in the latest trends that’ll suit your personal style and overall appearance in the best possible way. If you would like to know how to choose appropriate shades and garments that’ll perfectly match your beard color – stay with us. Here’s a spring style guide for the three most prominent ones, so check it out.


Blond beard on point

If you’re rocking a blonde beard, it’s highly likely that your skin tone is a bit paler, which is exactly why you should pay more attention to the color of your clothes. Darker shades such as black, olive green, navy blue, and dark grey are among the best ones you can choose, so have this in mind when you decide to go shopping. Everyone’s been raving about slim-cut dark denim jeans, so get them as soon as possible and match them with a classy olive green button-down shirt. You can even go for a camouflage print, since it’s a huge hit in the fashion industry these days. Finish off this combo with a pair of Air Jordans, and trust us – this outfit will accentuate your blond beard to the max!


Flawless brunette scruff

Similarly to blond beards, brunette scruffs also have a particular color scheme that provides an amazing contrast. If your scruff is black or brown, the truth is that you can wear almost everything – not much will collide with the natural color of your facial hair. If you would like to make your beard pop, try wearing a white T-shirt or a button-down shirt – bright background will surely make it happen! The good news is that neutrals are making a huge comeback this spring, so don’t be scared to incorporate them into your everyday look. Pick a sand or ivory polo shirt and match it up with a pair of wide leg pants in similar shades, without worrying that you’re going to look too uniformed. Remember – neutrals are everything this season, so wear them without fear!


Gingers can also have fun

If you think that only blonds and brunettes can have fun with their flawlessly groomed beards – boy, are you wrong! When it comes to acceptable colors, you should know that ginger scruff makes a winning combination with blue – no matter which shade. From baby blue to navy, each nuance will match your beard heavenly. As for the latest fashion trends, checks are once again at the top of the list for spring 2017. If you don’t think you could pull off a checked suit, take one step at a time and opt for a shirt instead. It will bring a dose of elegance and class to your appearance – just don’t forget to match it up with appropriate pants and accessories, such as quality fashion goods – men’s leather wallets and belts. If you don’t have them yet, it’s time you got them!

As you can see, there are a lot of appropriate styles and color schemes for the three most prominent beard shades out there – blond, brunette, and ginger. If you’re rocking a scruff, you definitely belong to one of these three groups, which will surely make it much easier for you when it comes to picking clothes that go perfectly well with your facial hair. Just stick to our guide and you’ll make no mistake!

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