BeardScience - A guide to the oils we use. (Part1)

Hey Guys. This will be a series of blog posts based around the ingredients in our Beard Oils.


I (Luke) want to show you the benefits of the carrier oils and other ingredients we use. I am only looking at evidence based benefits and nothing anecdotal so you get the SCIENCE!


So in this post Beard Science Part 1 we will look at:


Apricot Kernel Oil ( Prunus Armeniaca )

Apricot Kernel Oil is used throughout our Beard Oil Products. There are many reason for this.


Apricot Kernel is a great oil for many reasons such as due to the make up of this particular oil being of Linolenic and Palmitic acid this oil is a highly effective carrier of vitamins and other ingredients straight into our skin.


Such as that this particular oil has reported emolient (the quality of softening or smoothing the skin) properties. Therefore we have found that this particular oil is great for improving complexion and skin tone.

It is reported that this oil also is Anti-Inflammatory when applied topically or even ingested (We don't recommend you ingest our Beard Oils...). The Oil also has Antioxidant properties which will prevent damage from cell damaging free radicals.


There are also studies suggesting there are other properties which are still being tested such as Anti Aging, Anti-Septic and Anti-Bacterial properties.

Which hopefully help in the development of your beard. Through this oils great transportation of vitamins and the stuff your skin needs to be moisturised and kept clean, you should find your find reaps the benefits and grows soft and healthy.


What else?


The average shelf life of Apricot Oil is up to 1 year. Which gives you plenty of time to use it.

As we know the consistency of this oil is medium compared to some other oils. This oil has the consistency just right for being absorbed into the skin.


The good stuff this oil possesses are : Vitamins A, C, E, Protein and Potassium.
All these things heading into your skin eventually wind up in your beard hairs and makes them overall stronger and healthier.

To break things down.

So this shows Apricot Kernal Oil is good for:

  • Moisturising
  • Lubricating
  • Conditioning
  • Wrinkle Preventing
  • It can help reduce dark circles and lines around your eyes.

So say bye bye to Dry Skin, Itching, Split Ends and aged worn looking skin.


Say Hello to the best beard you can grow!

The Oil that we use in our Beard Products is an Organic Cold Pressed Apricot Kernal Oil which whilst expensive we feel is worth it for what we get and hopefully you guys are satisfied with it too.

Here below are the chemical characteristics of Apricot Oil for those interested.

Density  0.910  g/ml great for massage oil
Storage temperature  – Ideal temperature for storage
Comedogenicity  2 Pore clogging potential ( 0 – 5 )
ORAC  – Antioxidant Power
pH  4.3  Measure of Acidity
Peroxide Value  less than 0.1  Measure of Initial Rancidity
Saponification Value  191.4  Measure of the average carbon chain length
Iodine Value  107  Measure of unsaturation of oil
Free Fatty Acids  0.015 %  Percentage of volatile oils



I hope you have enjoyed learning about this Carrier Oil in part 1 Of Beard Science.

The next Beard Science post will come to you next week.





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