Christmas Gift Ideas for Bearded Men

Christmas Gift Ideas for Bearded Men

Holidays are almost around the corner, and if you’re not quite sure what to get for your bearded darling – stay with us and look for inspiration! From beard grooming products, to fashionable clothes and accessories – possibilities are truly limitless! Here are our six top choices for this year’s Christmas.


Beard oil

If your man is rocking a beard, he knows that it needs some specific products to keep it healthy and tamed. One of these is beard oil – magical liquid packed with precious conditioning ingredients such as argan oil, grape seed oil, or jojoba oil etc. It softens unruly hairs and works as a great styling agent while hydrating the skin beneath the scruff. Needless to say, it smells fantastic, which is one more advantage!


Stylish clothes

Even though many people may consider this very uncreative and outdated, giving clothes will never go out of style. Since your darling is rocking a beard, we can assume that he’s quite into the lumbersexual trend that’s very popular these days; so, you can get him a piece typical of that style. Flannels and plaids are always a good idea, as well as military prints that’ll look perfect on his carved six-pack.


Beard comb

Another thing essential for keeping his scruff in order is certainly a beard comb – yes, it’s necessary, and it’s good for the beard! There are so many different shapes, sizes, materials, and prices, and your choice actually depends on what your man needs. Some guys prefer wooden combs to plastic ones, since the latter are likely to cause frizz. Some of them are meant for dealing with knots and tangles, whereas other ones are designed with fine haired beards in mind. No matter which one you pick, it’ll be an extremely useful Christmas present he’ll love!


Skincare essentials

The majority of men believe that they don’t have to use skincare products at all, which is wrong at so many levels. Men’s skin needs extra care, especially during wintertime – it needs to replenish lost moisture and stay healthy and well-nourished during cold days. A good, heavy moisturiser is an absolute must, and you should get him one for Christmas. You’ll help him stay hydrated, and he’ll be more than thrilled since he won’t have to look for skincare products on his own! He’ll kill two birds with one stone without even realising it!


Cool accessories

Stylish men are never afraid of experimenting when it comes to fashion; and if your man is one of them, getting him some cool accessories is definitely a good idea! Forget leather belts and wallets, ties, and cufflinks (which are passé, we can all agree on that), and step up the game by focusing on something much different. A signature anchor bracelet may be just perfect for him – the combination of velvety suede and cold silver is definitely the winning one!


Beard wash

Last but not least – precious beard wash or soap that cleans and conditions your man’s scruff is a perfect gift choice. Even though it sounds very similar to beard oil, there are actually some significant differences between them. Beard wash is more for cleansing, which makes it an amazing styling agent. This means that it’s perfect for longer beards, while using only beard oil is recommended to shorter scruffs. Remind him to apply his balm right after washing his face, and to comb his beard immediately afterwards. That’s the key to perfectly groomed scruff!


As you can see, there is a whole bunch of fantastic products your bearded darling will adore. No matter if you opt for fashionable accessories and garments, or for some awesome beard grooming products – he’ll use them to the max, and the fact that you bought them will make the present even more valuable. After all, Christmas is about love and care, isn’t it?


By Peter Minkoff


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