Dan Thomas - A day in the life of a bearded man.

A day in the life of a bearded man.


It's a glorious notion knowing that everyday myself and my beard can enjoy life's everyday endeavours together. With great beard comes great responsibility. Gone are the days of waking up 10 minutes before having to leave the house with just a light coating of wax applied to my hands and a ruffle into the hair. I am a man, a man with a beard and I must harness and dedicate and show myself worthy.


My alarm awakens me at least one hour before I need depart, with a sink full of hot water and a respectful glance into the mirror. I wish my albeit flat and mis-shapen facial glory a good morning and with a caring tone whisper, "let's get you ready for the world to see."


A thorough rinse and soak, I pat dry my octopus shaped facial locks and add some woodland fragranced oil to keep my hair soft and shiny. Then comes the blow dry. Perched close to the mirror I gently caress with my military brush whilst treating it to some slow but warm air blasts for my trusty hair dryer. Once I have achieved my gloriously full thickened shape, I dress. Only returning to add my beard balm when safe in the knowledge no clothes shall pass over to disrupt my face friend in all its tendered glory.


Now we are ready to face the world which (as everyday) shall be awash with nod and a smile of approval from fellow bearded strangers I pass in the street; or even glance at from across the road. I am part of a family, myself and my beard. It will protect me from evil and embrace the love and fortitude of strangers and friends alike who will want to touch, stroke and compliment my powerful statement of intent to the world.


My forever companion: Mr comb and ever needed napkin (food and drink are an essential part of life but not always beard friendly) are always on hand to keep said beard at its most voluptuous glory until the day is at an end. I wear my beard with pride. It dictates my choice of clothing and the style of my hair. I am Dan Thomas: beard wearing man of world and together we are one.


Dan Thomas - Bearded Man



Wow - What a great article. Thanks to Dan.


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  • Stef Thomas

    At least you can grow a beard . Must be worth getting up early for , at least work is second

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