Happy New Year / Consumer Rights / Essential Oils

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Xmas or whatever you celebrate if anything.

As you must know by now we are having a rebranding and new products! We ran an IndieGoGo campaign pre-sale and it has now finished. We didn't have a goal in mind as it was flexible. What we are using this money for specifically is to rebrand and go towards getting new equipment and products for you all.

The new products we have/are getting are:

  • Beard Butter
  • New Beard Brushes
  • New Beard Oil - Unscented and scented.
  • Beard Wax
  • Beard Wash

All these products will have new labels and new ingredients to match a higher calibre of product. We strive to give you the best and something slightly different to what other companies are offering and we want to keep this up. We don't want to bring you the same tired boring fragranced oils other companies send everywhere, we want something a little more nuanced and I don't want to say weird but something a little different.

The Beard Oil(s)

Our beard oils have always been different to the usual and we are keeping this up.
Our newest Beard Oil is unscented of course and is called 'Darwin' this is because we are keeping with our science theme as well as the image we all know of Charles Darwin and his magnificent beard and of course him being the father of evolutionary biology.
I thought this fitting for the new beard oil as it will be the base oil for all others to lead from or evolve from. Get it?

We have another oil getting ready which I haven't said all that much about which is an unnamed oil as of yet which is scented by the essential oils of Bergamot, Sandalwood and Rose Geranium. So you can expect this to be woody with citrus and floral notes. A gentleman's beard oil for sure.


Consumer Rights/ Essential Oils


OK so before I bored you into oblivion I have a little something else to say.

As you all may have guessed I am into science, critical thinking and consumer rights.

I believe some companies do not take this into consideration when creating products for their customers. The reason I think this is because when I have noticed a few companies product descriptions they include certain pseudo-scientific practices and anecdotal evidence gained from certain communities (not naming anyone) which are scientifically false and have been proved to have no efficacy whatsoever.

Of course I am talking about aromatherapy and the pseudo-scientific/medieval practice that people who use essential oils may be cured of ailments or meant to feel a certain way when using these magical oils...


This feels incredibly wrong and misleading to me personally. The reason any of my products have any essential oils in is because they smell awesome, maintain their scent or increase shelf life of a product. I do not believe they will I don't know " cure your colds", "prevent you from getting asthma", "stop you from getting monkey faeces thrown at you". All this nonsense is proved to be a load of balls if I may put it bluntly. An oil squeezed from a plant has no power to do the amount of stuff these folks claim it to so please check their claims if you come across any.

Please don't trust these claims as you never know with some untrustworthy companies if they are even tested etc. Do your research, think for yourself, don't be fooled into magical thinking, be critical and use your science!



Thank you so much for reading!



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