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How having a beard will improve your confidence.


Beards are definitely in right now. Fashion blogs are mentioning them more and more with each passing month, and it’s difficult to see a time where they will fade back into the distance like they did for a long period of the 90s. There has been an extensive body of research done that comprehensively argues that having a beard is both good for your mental and physical health. Let’s go through just a few bullet points on why having a beard can be a really positive influence on your day-to-day life.


1. Beards are great for asthma

It aint easy being wheezy guys. We know that having asthma is a drag, and can particularly become difficult in times of season change such as winter to spring and spring to summer. Lucky for you, a lot of your ills and your puffy eyes can be fixed with growing a beard.

The hairs on your face effectively acts as a barrier between the things that cause asthma and your nose & mouth. Think of it as kind of a soft, delicious barrier between the toxins of the world and your lungs. NICE.


2. Beards decrease allergies

When I was growing up, I had really bad allergies. This seriously impacted on my self-esteem. I didn’t want to be the guy who would start sneezing uncontrollably at social outings, and this wasn’t good for my confidence.

Lots of people will say that this is still a wide open question, but lots of bearded bros have found it decreases their allergies. It keeps some pollen from getting in and causing allergic reactions, and even the toxins that do stick around (which will be a very small amount) will still help you build up immunity. Go on, give it a try.


3. The beard can hide imperfections

This is actually my absolute favourite thing about my beard. I had bad skin as a teen, and I DEFINITELY look better with a beard than without. I can’t tell you how insecure I have felt when I was younger and shaved the whole thing off.

In life, it is rare that you get rewarded for doing NOTHING and yet, this is one of those beautiful rare instances. Don’t shave, hide any imperfections and blemishes your face may have.

Also, if you use a good quality beard oil or beard balm/butter regularly, the skin underneath your skin will remain very healthy and in great condition.


4. Beards will improve your sex appeal and sex life

There have been enough studies by now (most recently by Northumbria University in the UK) that shows that a man’s sex appeal will improve once he grows a beard. There is a very large subcommunity of ‘pogonophiles’ that worship beards, and this will improve your chances of meeting women and improving your sex life.

Improving your sexlife is one of the most surefire ways in which you can improve your confidence. Women find men more masculine, capable strong and assertive than unshaven men.


5. MEN feel better with beards

In a survey carries out by Braun recently, where 67% of the men saying they had facial hair of some description, found that men feel better about themselves when they have facial hair than when they don’t.

Feeling good about yourself is the first and most basic step towards a more confident, happy you. This can be enhanced by sporting a beard and by keeping that razor in the closet.


6. You will get WAY more compliments

This is a no-brainer for anyone who has ever had a beard and then gotten rid of it. You just don’t have the same talking points when you don’t have a beard. People LOVE commenting on how great people’s beards look, and who doesn’t like compliments?

Even if you are uneasy receiving compliments, you must admit that having a beard eases you into the conversation with another person (particularly a stranger) and is particularly good for breaking the ice on first dates.


7. Beards are great for your skin

Australian researchers have found that thick beards can block a large amount of the ultraviolet rays that come from the sun and damage skin. These rays can often cause cancer, and so by soaking up those toxic rays, you are doing your skin a major service.


8. Having a beard is what is SUPPOSED to happen

Look at human history. Neanderthals had beards and were in general a lot hairier. All throughout history, they most successful and enigmatic figures wore beards (even mythical characters such as Zeus had big huge beards). From Genghis Khan to the Vikings. Beards have always been a sign of strong men, and they continue to be a sign of strong men.

Be a strong man. Grow a beard.


9. Nerdy guys can IMMEDIATELY fix their look by growing a beard

The hipster movement has made the line between nerdy and cool quite small, and nowadays nerdy, academic looking guys can immediately improve their look by growing a beard.

The evidence is as clear as day from celebrities who have grown beards and suddenly become desirable. The hipster movement is a definite positive thing for such guys, and to be honest if they haven’t grown a beard to improve their look and confidence, they are most definitely doing something wrong.


10. People perceive bearded men as higher value

People will think you are more intelligent (who doesn’t think beard stroking makes you look like you are deep in thought?), and in turn, this makes you look more sophisticated. Add to that, you will also look generally more masculine and more of an alpha male. There is no easier way to simply improve your look and those perceptions others will have of you than growing a beard.

Aaaaaaand there you have it! Whether it is a fact that you will carry yourself higher without having to worry about your allergies, or want to look more masculine and shed that nerdy look, having a beard is guaranteed to give any man a confidence boost.

Thanks for reading, and we would love to see you over at www.mymanbeard.com, joining our community and understanding how to properly maintain a beard and a positive outlook on yourself and the world around you.


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