How Your Beard Is Keeping You Healthy (Guest Post)

How Your Beard Is Keeping You Healthy ( Guest Post)

So this post is a guest post by Angus over at


Beard World Blog


We all know the obvious benefits of having a beard; increases cognitive ability by 30% when stroked, gives the ability to find your way in the wild, lets you knock out a bear with one punch, but what about the invisible benefits?


Even though they’re not immediately obvious have a beard actually provides major health benefits.


Eliminates Shaving Rash:


Starting with an obvious one here. Shaving rash is horrifically uncomfortable, it may be what prompted you to grow a beard in the first place. This irritation of the skin is most commonly brought on by damaged follicles healing over after a shave then being cut open when you shave again. Stop the rash, grow a tash…



Reduces Effects of Allergies:


According to several sources, a thick mass of facial hair can trap pollen and other allergens and prevent them from entering your respiratory system. After a while your body gets used to these lower doses of pollen and in turn limits the effect of the allergens on your body.


Lowers Your Risk of Skin Cancer:


Recent studies have shown that facial hair can provide high levels of UV protection, depending on the length/thickness. So compared to our clean-shaven counterparts our skin (on our face anyway) can stand up to sun exposure significantly better. Don’t take chances though – always use proper sun protection, especially if you’re ginger like me!


Anti-ageing Properties:


People will say that your beard makes you look older and you might even think you look like a teenager if you ever have a massive lapse in judgement and decide to chop it all off. However, it’s thought that shaving is one of the major contributors to wrinkles and skin ageing. Don’t take the risk lads, let it grow and look young(er) forever!


Gets Rid of Spots:


One of my main pet peeves with shaving was every time I’d clear off my stubble, without fail I’d develop a mass of spots making me look like an awkward school kid again. This happens because your hair follicles get a build up of oil and rubbish in them after you shave and this produces zits and blackheads. If you let your facial hair grow out you don’t just go from zero to manly in holy shit, you also eliminate the conditions for spots to grow and keep your skin blemish free.


Protects Your Lungs:


Good news for asthma sufferers, grow a beard and reduce your symptoms! Yes, you read that right. Your beard acts as a natural barrier, trapping dust particles and other triggers for people with breathing problems preventing you from inhaling them. With this in mind it’s worth reminding you all to keep your beard clean as while your beard prevents you from breathing in all this shite, it’s still stuck there.

So next time someone complains to you about being ill, their acne or shaving rash tell them to beard the fuck up, it’s the safe option.



So our thanks go to Angus for the awesome guest post.

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