New products! Unisex and Product Upgrades. Not Just Beard Care.

New Products!

As some of you may have noticed, we have been creating more new products as well as updating some old ones. We are trying our best now to create more products fit for everyone and yes this includes women too. We have expanded our Unisex range of products and now have a little something for everyone. Because why shouldn't everyone be able to use our products.


We have a new Beard Oil planned for release in a month or two in time for Xmas. I'm sure you can guess the theme of the Oil.


Whats New!

Our new and updated products now include:

Our Bath Salt - Which is Lime & Black Pepper Scented and great for those with Psoriasis or dry skin.

Bath Oil - A perfectly balanced moisturising oil perfect for anyone.

Beard Science Soap - The original beard friendly soap. (yes I believe we were the first to have developed beard soap) Now comes in colours!

Aftershave Balm - Keep those freshly shaved areas protected and conditioned.

As well as our collaborative product with Bristlr - The Prism Beard Oil - Our Jelly Bean Oil has been truly upgraded into something special.


We also have plenty of apparel now too. Go look!


Thanks for reading!

For those who have read this post. Use the code 'Beard15' for 15% off any order.


Not Just A Beard Care Company.

We will carry on trying to get more goodies out to you all as soon as we can. We don't just want to be a Beard care company but a Skincare company too. You will realize why we want to be a Skincare company too after you have tried our Moisturiser.






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