Perfect Gift Ideas for Bearded Guys - Guest Post

Perfect Gift Ideas for Bearded Guys - Guest Post By Peter Minkoff




There’s no question about it, beards are back – and they are here to stay! Worst case scenario: you know at least two guys with facial hair. Since beards are all around you, look to his facial hair as a prime source of gift inspiration. Fortunately, beard gods are favorable, and there’s an astounding array of beard care products available on the market. Fashion has also caught up to beard-lovers around the world, giving you even more choice. You have an easy task ahead, but to make it even easier, check out these gift ideas for bearded guys in your life.


Beard Oil

There are few things in life that can turn heads quicker than a good-looking man, but a bearded man needs only one thing – an impeccable beard. However, keeping all that facial hair spotless is no easy task. Luckily, there’s only one product you should ever consider, and that is Beard Oil. The mixture of oils helps moisturize his skin, tame all those unruly hairs, and strengthen their roots. With a friend like that, a glossy finish is definite outcome.


Beard Comb

When thinking of a gift that gets rid of a messy beard, you should look no further than a beard comb. In contrast to a regular comb, a beard comb has narrow teeth, which straighten each strand of hair. If you decide to buy this helpful piece of beard kit, make sure you go for one made out of natural materials. When choosing the best comb always go for wood, bone or horn. It helps reduce the amount of frizz and static, keeping his beard tight.


A Vintage Straight Razor

A time-honored classic among beard-growers around the world is an old-fashioned straight razor. It appeals to your bearded guy’s love for all things vintage, and is a real blast from the past. Not only is it an amazing statement, but it is also very practical. Give him a high quality razor, and he will have an edge over patchy cheek beard and itchy neck beard with each shave. He will easily shape his beard to match his face, and make every shave a clean-cut, evergreen experience.


Fitness Supplements

The strength of facial hair depends on the strength of your body, after all – a healthy beard needs a healthy body. So, why not give the bearded guy in your life some amazing natural fitness supplements. Combined with regular exercise, the supplements will enhance his body tone, and his overall health. Thus, as his body grows big and strong, so will his beard reach peak condition, and there is little in life that can beat a bearded guy with a body to match.


Tailored Suit

With a sharp beard and a sharp body, you also need to make your bearded guy a sharped dressed man. A beard evokes style, in every sense of that word; so, why not buy him a few men’s suits. Bring back the golden age of suits, when a three-piece suit was a required part of every man’s wardrobe. Still, you will need make them slim fit, so the suit fits the modern era and his beard. If you are unsure about the size, get his new suit tailored from top to bottom.


It’s just that easy picking out a gift for a bearded guy. Remember to take his facial hair into consideration, and you will have winner on your hands every single time. All that’s left for you to do is go and get it!


By Peter Minkoff

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