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This is just a quick post to let you know about why we have a pre-sale on some items. Hopefully this clears up any confusion.

As some of you may know we now have a couple of items on Pre-Sale mode.

These items are/include :

Darwin Moisturiser

The Botanist Beard Oil

We also have a couple of other items on Pre-Sale mode due to the rate of which they sell out when they are in stock. This way if we pre-sale said items the people who have expressed prior interest can ensure they get one.

These items are:

The Darwin Beard Wash

Beard Lab Beard Brush


The reason we have done a pre-sale is for a number of reasons. These are due to having to wait for labelling to be complete as well as waiting to receive certain products.


The Darwin Moisturiser is almost ready to go, all we are waiting for are the labels. So far all we have heard is positive things from the people we have had test it. These people have been male and female. So we are glad to say this product is unisex.


The Botanist Beard Oil is fantastic, it has a carrier oil so far that we haven't yet seen in another brands products (Buriti Oil) and hopefully everyone else enjoys it too.

In other news we are thinking once again of offering a subscription service. Let us know whether this would be of interest to you.

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