Rebranding/Pre-sale Campaign

Hey I am sure the majority have seen our campaign by now.

Well if you haven't... We have used IndieGoGo to host a campaign for our rebranding/Pre-sale so that you can support our progress and ensure you can get the newest products as soon as they are available.

The last time we made new products was when we first brought out the Beard Wash and they sold out almost immediately. This way you can reserve the product of your choice.

At the moment we have added the new Beard Oil and The Beard Butter on there. I have personally been testing them both for around two months now to make sure it is perfect for you guys. And to be honest they are absolutely awesome and my beard has never felt better. Especially due to the beard butter. Which although unscented smells of a cross between lemons and starbursts. Which is amazing! The butter is incredibly nourishing and I have felt a big difference since using it. So I can't wait to bring this out to you.


The beard oil is a totally different blend too which I am sure you all will love. It has a blend of Apricot Oil, Macadamia Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil etc. This leaves your beard feeling soft, clean and nourished.


Also we are redoing our Beard Wash which has been revised and is even greater than it was before which was already a hit.

The campaign can be found at


I would be very grateful if you guys could share this to your friends with Facebook or Twitter or even better just donate. Even donating £1 would be great. The more donations gets us more attention which will in turn get us more which also means better products for you. You also get something back of course. Which is a win for us both.


Thanks for reading and thank you for the support.



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  • Paul

    Your products look great, we might be interested in stocking them on !

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