Summer Style & Grooming Guide (Guest Post)

Summer Grooming & Style Guide - Guest Post By Peter Minkoff


 Summer Beard Style Guide


Summer is already halfway through and if you still haven’t updated your grooming routine and your outfits, it is about time to make a change. The season of the backyard barbecues and Tiki bars requires some specific changes in skin and hair care, but you should also take a peek into the fashion magazines and runway show reports to get your style game on. If you need some help with that, read the following guide.


Summer-Proof Grooming


Wax On, Wax Off

The one rule for summer hair is the less you have it the less you care. So, if you don’t want to go bald or get rid of your beloved facial hair, you can always get rid of the rest of your body hair. Yes, we are talking about waxing. There’s no shame in waxing, a huge number of men are doing it today, and it can really prepare you for summer heats and the beach.


Protect Your Hair

We can all agree that the most comfortable hairstyle to wear during summer is little or no hair, but if you don’t want to sacrifice your style for high temperatures, you should pay special attention to proper hair care. Since you sweat more during the summer, it would be good to shampoo and condition it daily. If you’re thinking about heading to the pool, protect your hair from chlorine water by wearing a swimming cap.


Nourish Your Beard

Summer heat shouldn’t make you shave your beard, the only reason for that would be enjoyment of growing it all over again. If you keep your facial hair nourished you can make it through the season looking great and being cool. Remember to trim your beard and keep it off your neck. Also, you should cleanse and exfoliate the skin under it, use a beard wash and balm, and finish up with a nurturing beard oil.


Hydrate Your Skin

Apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before the direct sun exposure, and use a quality face and body moisturizers (if possible with SPF), to prevent skin drying up from sun, chlorine water or air-conditioning.


The No-Fail Summer Style


Beach Please

You say summer – we say beach! Some of the best style choices you can make for a beach day are swimwear trunks with plain prints, paisley prints, flower prints, checkered prints, and polka dots prints. Don’t forget to accessorize with aviator sunglasses or wayfarers, fedora-style hat and rubber flip flops.


Casually Cool

For everyday casual stylish look, you will need a basic white tee (it can have an interesting print), a V-neck tee, canvas chucks, bold-colored pants, linen shirt, chambray shirt, khaki pants and flat-front fit shorts. You can play around with colors a bit and choose pastels, bright red, or even orange. If you don’t like to stand out too much, incorporate patterns and colors with accessories, such as snapback trucker caps, wrist watch, belt, sunglasses, etc.


Own the Evenings

In the evenings, when it gets a bit chillier and you decide to go to a dinner or some formal event, you can opt for lightweight and subtly colored men’s suits, or pants and dress shirt combo. If the occasion is less formal (a party, clubbing event, etc.) you can combine flat-front fit shorts and slim-fit shirt or cotton jacket, shirt and trousers.

These were some grooming and style tips that should help you get through this hot summer, simply by being hotter than it. Use them to protect your skin, keep your hair well-maintained, be always on spot when it comes to fashion, to put it short – be the best (summer) version of yourself.


By Peter Minkoff

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