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Decembeard 2017

Its that time of year again. You start to notice more beards when out and about, the adverts from every beard company going and the of course the christmas items displayed.   Its Decembeard time. Which means charity time. Time to help others in need and show the world that bearded folks and the folks who love them are a force for good who are willing to donate and in some cases put their appearance on the line for someone else.   The link to our Just Giving page is   We have a couple of ideas for fundraising so far including but not limited to ... An Insect Eating Contest and a Beard Trim Whilst On A Bed Of...

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Decembeard - And giving to charity.

Hey folks.So I should have posted something earlier about Decembeard. For those who don't know about Decembeard here are the facts...Decembeard is part of a campaign run by Beating Bowel Cancer to raise money for Bowel Cancer Awareness andthey provide practical and emotional help to those who need it. Whether that is digitally, physically or just over the phone.They bring patients with Bowel Cancer together to share their experiences and to support one another through their site, events and through Social Media. Through their campaigns they have led to the introduction of a new bowel cancer screening programme which is already saving lives as well as funding access to life changing treatments for those who need it.   You can...

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Charity! Get involved! Show your support for a great cause.

So we at Beard Lab care about doing charity work, helping people in need is a really great thing and more people should be doing it and actively getting involved to help someone else out.We have already raised some money for Bowel Cancer UK and now we are trying to raise more.Due to Decembeard coming up and on its way we have made a new Just Giving Page.   We would love help from you guys to get some more money for this awesome charity.We know some folks participate in Decembeard but what if you don't want to get rid of your magnificent beard.Well what you do then is donate to the page above. You can even text a donation...

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