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Beard Brush Vs Beard Comb

Beard Brush Vs Beard Comb   So I have been trying to pick up the YouTube videos and here is one I did recently about our Beard Brush and a bad bad comb that some companies are trying to sell to you.Enjoy!     I hope you have learnt a bit and stay away from those awful combs.I can't believe some folks think it is ok to sell these nasty things.   I believe my brush is a far far superior product and worth buying as it will keep your beard in amazing shape as it does mine. Yes of course I use my own products.     If anyone has any comments please do.Share the video, give me some...

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Autumn Grooming & Fitness Guide - Guest Post By Peter Minkoff

Autumn Grooming & Fitness Guide Summer is now officially over and we’re preparing ourselves for the cold part of the year. With every new season, we face the same problems. What new clothes should we get, should we skip an autumn period and immediately prepare for winter and so on. Same goes for the workout and grooming equipment. Even though winter isn’t still here, gone are the days when we could go for a run in shorts and a t-shirt. Even our beards need a lot more attention and care during cold and windy days. That is why we have decided to put together this guide for grooming and fitness necessities. We will cover all the essentials you need for...

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