Top 3 Beard Growth Tips For 2017 - Guest post

Are you going full yeard this year?


Going for a full yeard takes a combination of dedication, nutrition, and a good maintenance plan. In case you were wondering, a yeard is a full year of beard growth without trimming of any kind. In this mini guide we will outline what we consider the top 3 growth tips for 2017.


Tip 1. Patience.


Patience is one of those things that men looking to grow out their beard never think about. We’re always looking for a quick fix; while the truth is there is no shortcut to growing your beard faster. Setting a goal and keeping to it is what will be the solution to successfully growing out your beard. Try taking monthly pictures of your growth; next time you are starting to think about shaving look back over the monthly images and look at the progress you’ve had. Then think about how shaving would set you back to day one.


Tip 2. Diet.


Apart from setting a goal and seeing it through, nutrition is highly important. It is easy to get envious of other beardsman but it is important to remember everyone is made different. Everybody has different genes and you can’t change that. What you can control, however, is your diet. Your beard is hair and is made up of proteins and what you consume does in fact make a difference. Both Iron and Zinc have been proven to help hair follicles grow. Yes fellas, this means eat more lean red meat.


Tip 3. Routine.


Finally a beardsman can not forget a good maintenance routine. It is recommended that you wash your beard with a natural soap or better yet a shampoo formulated specifically for beards. We recommend doing this about three times a week. As the day goes by your beard draws out the oils from your skin, causing that dry and itchy feeling. To remedy this, applying beard oil should be part of your daily morning routine.


A yeard is a long time, but it completely worth it! We hope this mini guide helped you in your bearded aventure. Set a goal, eat right, and take care of your beard.


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