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Hey all you folks with YouTube accounts ought to come and subscribe and get video updates such as this one. As you may have noticed we don't get a chance to do that many YouTube videos or even blog posts for that matter. Hopefully we get time to start doing more. We love to communicate with you all and spread the word and interact as much as we can.

In such videos you get Beard Lab news and sometimes special discounts on various Beard Care products as well as seeing me and my beard.

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In the video we have a quick chat about our awesome new Beard Wash which has taken about 8 months to perfect as well as chatting about our special Sandalwood Beard Oil Sale.

We have taken the Sandalwood Beard Oil down to £5.99 until Friday 05/08/16 we have done this because we don't think as many people have tried the Sandalwood as I think they should have.


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