Accessories - Beard Brush
Accessories - Beard Brush
Accessories - Beard Brush
Accessories - Beard Brush
Accessories - Beard Brush

Beard Brush

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Perfect for brushing your beard. Amazing for styling and spreading your Beard Oil of choice where you need it. A necessary tool when growing out your beard.


Unfortunately we have not been able to find a decent price for getting our logo on these yet. This is due to the manufacturer raising prices too much to be selling with the logo on to you guys.


The Beard Brush


The Beard Brush is just about the right size for your pocket. The brush is made from Bamboo and has Boar Bristles which are the best to use on your beard as they are almost the same as your beard hair. The Brush grip is military style which makes it so much better for using all over.


If you ever experienced wild, untamed or tangled beard hair then this is the brush for you. It is great for de-tangling hair and helps spread Beard Oil or Balm with ease. Thus making maintenance much easier.


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We try to have these in stock when we can but cannot always promise this and to get more in stock it takes us a couple of weeks hence why we have the pre order notice at the top. This is to ensure you know that even if we haven't got the beard brush in stock we will get it to you as soon as possible.


Try Our Beard Brush.