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The Bearded Community

Here at Beard Lab we see the Bearded population as being a giant community. A team of awesome folks with amazing facial hair. We want people to see our customers, fans and everything bearded. We are trying to be the best beard oil company in the UK and we need your help sharing our products. So please do so.

So if you are on Twitter, Instagram or whatever. Whenever you want to upload an awesome beardtastic shot of you, your beard, your partners beard or just yourself then tag us either using our Social Media handle which is relevant to what you are on or just #BeardScience

We want to see you guys, we want to see what you have achieved. We want to see you who have helped us get to where we are. You are all appreciated by us and we want to show our appreciation by getting involved, chatting or just sharing your pictures. We love to see pictures of you guys and our Beard Products. Share pictures of when you get a package of our Beard Oil or other products and let your friends know what you have also.

We are a team remember, a community, we can band together and be awesome and connected.

So whenever you have something to share with us Use #BeardScience and in theory we should be able to spot it with a bit more ease.

Cheers Guys &/Or Gals!

Beard Science

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As you know Social Media plays a big role in spreading the word of a business and product and we would love your help.
Show off your purchases and tag us!