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Beard Lab Logo Comb

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The Beard Combs are here!


They are great and individually packaged to ensure they arrive pristine as any product should do. The comb has the Beard Lab logo on to distinguish it fully and to have you show your support for our brand.

Treat your beard right with the right equipment. Suitable for using on a moustache and head hair too.


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The combs are red and made from Peach wood. The teeth are nice and wide and the comb itself goes through your beard with ease. A great comb for travelling and for your shelf at home ready for use. They are very sturdy and will survive better than most combs. A great partner for use with spreading beard oil too as well as helping your beard detangle if it needs to.


The beard comb is an essential tool when your beard gets some length to it as you may need to comb knots out from time to time. Only with a good beard comb or beard brush can you truly get your beard maintained how you want it to be.

We use a wooden comb because when most generic plastic combs get made the teeth on them can get distorted and / or get sharp burs on there which can snag and get caught in your beard. Where a good wooden beard comb will be sanded and cut down smooth as they are hand crafted no imperfections will be left such as with a plastic molded comb. You can comb on the go with this product and sometimes you will need to.


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